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Gift Shop and General Store | Murphy's Mercantile, Columbia, PA


Murphy's Mercantile

Murphy's Mercantile & Co. at Hinkle's | Columbia, PA

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Experience the nostalgia. 

Welcome to Murphy's Mercantile. 

Murphy’s Mercantile is a gift shop and general store located in the heart of Columbia, PA. Opened in 2018, Murphy’s was inspired by nostalgia and takes visitors back in time to simpler days.

We've got gorgeous goods, candy like it used to be, and plenty of fun.

Stop in, stay for a while, and always leave with a new story and a smile. Whether you’re local to Columbia or visiting from far away, there is something for everyone when you set foot in Murphy’s.


Columbia, pA

Interested in visiting Columbia, PA? Start your trip at the general store and gift shop at Murphy's Mercantile! 

Murphy’s Mercantile is a place like no other! If you’re in search of a hidden gem, this is your spot.

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